How To Get Kids’ Sleep On Track For School.

The school year will be here before we know it. Along with shopping for school clothes and supplies, it’s important to start transitioning kids and teens into the school routine now, including their sleep-wake schedule.

A healthy amount of sleep is important for overall health, growth and development. Below are some tips for parents on how to get their kids’ and teens’ sleep schedules on track for the upcoming school year.

It’s best to transition sleep schedules gradually begin to put kids to bed about 15-30 minutes earlier each night and also wake them earlier, with the goal of being at the school wake time a few days before school starts. Teens should follow a similar transition, especially because this age group often has a very different sleep schedule in the summer. 

Once they’re back on the school-year sleep schedule, it’s important not to let their sleep and wake times vary much – even on weekends – as a consistent schedule is best.

Here are some tips for helping your kids fall and stay asleep:

  • Don’t allow the use of electronic devices for at least 90 minutes before bed.
  • Try a relaxing exercise before bed, like singing or reading to your younger child, or having your older child or teen read a book.
  • Avoid any caffeine.
  • Give kids time to wind down; avoid exercising or a lot of physical activity about an hour before bed.o For kids grade school-age and above, avoid naps.
  • Make the bedroom dark and cool at night; at wake-up time, open curtains to allow sunlight in or turn on lights.

So how can you help your children get their sleep on track in time for heading back to school? Many of our favorite sleep rules still apply. Make your child’s bedroom a peaceful environment for sleep only.