Effects on your Body During 8 Hours of Sleep?

We are regularly told we all need 8 hours of sleep every night. Unfortunately this is almost never achieved, Who has time for eight hours of sleep? As a mom to young kids, and busy entrepreneur, sleep often takes a back seat to bedtime stories and client phone calls. Most people will pride themselves on functioning on six hours of sleep, but no more. We’ve all heard the old saying you can sleep when you’re dead. While that may be true, death may actually come quicker if you don’t start prioritizing sleep right now.

It turns out that sleep is absolutely essential for just about every area of our lives, and it’s time to start paying attention. We can no longer ignore it or feel proud of ourselves for getting by on just a few hours.

Your body makes an incredible journey through the night as it progresses through each stage, the graph below shows how the body makes the most of a good night sleep.