6 Things Your Sleep Patterns Can Tell You About Your Health

Your body and especially your brain need sleep. When you do sleep your stress system is turned down. Your cortisol levels drop your immune system gets stronger. Your brain gets smarter and cleaner, and your body releases hormones like growth hormone and testosterone. Growth hormone is a protein hormone that has a major role in growth and in protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

Have you ever met someone who thinks he or she functions just fine after 4 to 6 hours of shut-eye?

What you do not realize is that the recommended amount of sleep that is best for you and your brain is a minimum of 8 hours. You are not getting this much sleep you are being kept alert and aroused by adrenalin rather than being awake because you are truly rested and energized.

During sleep your brain is processing complex information, creating and consolidating your memories, learning and remembering how to accomplish tasks, and perhaps more importantly, it is clearing out toxins.

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