A little bit about us

Who we are…we are Sleep on Green!

At Sleep On Green our mission is to better our planet one mattress at a time, one person at a time. Our eco-friendly sleep system is designed to provide the purest most natural resting place possible while in-turn giving back to our global community.  The natural elements used to create Sleep On Green products are meticulously chosen to help reduce our carbon footprint.  In addition to our environmental awareness, for every mattress sold Sleep On Green will make a donation to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation. 

Inspired by Italian design, yet Globally Embraced; Sleep on Green has created the most innovative,environmentally friendlymattress by combining specific elements from around the world. Without compromise, the combination of these natural elements is what separates Sleep on Green from any mattress on the market. Manufactured in Italy, the mattress is made from Mother Nature’s purest natural elements – Pure Wool, Organic Cotton, Organic Coconut Fiber, Natural Latex, and Organic Tencel Fiber.

With over 20 years of research and development, the Sleep On Green team of scientists have worked to develop a mattress that is a healthy alternative to the chemical filled mattress that we sleep on today. With our team’s knowledge and dedication, we have created a mattress that truly strengthens the immune system by allowing the sleeper to live in harmony with the forces of nature.

Sleep Well, Live Better.


Sleep On Green Beach Clean Up

A little background on how our company was started.

On Memorial Day weekend 2007 I was involved in a motorcycle accident, I broke my back and was bed-ridden for months.

I had recently purchased a memory foam mattress and it quickly became apparent that I needed a natural sleep solution that would not only give my back the proper support but also prevent hot sweats, boils and bed sores.

Our family business had been importing of goods from Italy since we migrated to the US in 1987, immediately we tried some “Natural” mattresses from different manufacturers in Europe but nothing was exactly what we wanted so the next logical step (or not so logical) was to create something, and so it was.

With 30 years of background in home furnishing and design my father Fidenzio Bizzotto set off to create a mattress that was breathable, holistic, hypoallergenic, and resistant to mold and mildew.

Combining his expertise with a veteran team of sleep specialist, the organic and biodegradable Dolce Vita mattress was born.
Fidenzio immediately made it his mission to to have the product manufactured so that he may share his life changing product with the rest of the world.

With months of traveling and research he found what would become the perfect team to produce the fine handcrafted Sleep On Green mattresses we see today. Fidenzio’s partnership with a 40 year old company rich in the tradition of hand making fine beds with a fresh perspective and fresh identity to match his new mission would revolutionize the bedding industry by creating the award winning Sleep On Green sleep system.

At Sleep On Green our mission is to better our planet one bed at a time one person at a time. Our eco-friendly sleep system is designed to provide the most natural resting place possible while in turn giving back to our global community. The natural elements used to create Sleep On Green products are meticulously chosen to help reduce our carbon footprint. In addition to our environmental awareness, Sleep On Green, is dedicated to saving our most precious resource OUR OCEANS by donating a portion of every mattress sold to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.

Christian Bizzotto
Sleep On Green Co-Founder