Michael Forman
Michael Forman
18:31 16 Jun 16
I have been dealing with difficult sleep patterns for a very long time. I can say after 2 weeks of using the Sleep on Green mattress I feel significantly better upon waking. I also like the fact that I am spending all that time without the toxicity inherent in commercial mattresses. If you are really concerned about your health, I recommend you take a very close look at Sleep on Green.
Stephanie Toledo
Stephanie Toledo
19:30 07 Jul 16
Wonderful 100% natural latex pillows are not only comfortable, they are natural and do not retain heat. Finally I am enjoying uninterupted sleep.
Ronny Rosenbaum
Ronny Rosenbaum
00:58 30 Jun 16
It has been a month now since we purchased our all natural Sleep On Green mattress and it has changed our lives. The way we sleep and feel has changed immensely starting from night one! As a practicing dentist for over 14 years there is an immense amount of strain put on the back and neck. This along with having spine miscurvature, both myself and my wife Viviane, led to many nights and mornings of true discomfort. We changed our mattress of only 4 years to an all natural and phenomenally comfortable Sleep On Green mattress and truly have never slept so good. Our usual neck and backpains have subsided and we sleep hard and wake up more fresh than ever. Thank you to the Bizzotto family for changing our lives. True professionals. I highly recommend this to all dental professionals and anyone suffering from sleepless nights and painful mornings. Its a game changer. Dr. Ronald and Viviane Rosenbaum Dentist Pembroke Pines, FL
Arredo Casa Group
Arredo Casa Group
15:13 08 Jul 16
Natural mattresses 100% Free of Toxins and 100% Comfortable. Quality products ensure Quality Sleep.
18:18 02 Sep 15
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