Breathable Baby Mattress

The Sleep On Green Breathable Baby Mattress is free of toxins. Made using Pure Wool, Organic Cotton, Organic Coconut Fiber, Natural Latex, and Organic Tencel Fiber.

With our team’s knowledge and dedication, we have created a baby mattress that truly protect an infant’s immune system.

*Bed frame not included..




Merino Wool, Organic Cotton, Organic Coconut Fiber, Pure Natural Latex, Tencel Fabric


Organic & Holistic, Free of All Chemicals, Anti-dust mite, Hypoallergenic, Resistant to bacteria, mold & mildew, Biodegradable & Sustainable, Removable tencel quilted cover, lined with organic cotton and wool

Made from Mother Nature’s Purest Elements.


Sleep On Green believes that Mother Nature offers the best ingredients, free of all chemicals. Natural ingredients allow for better health, better sleep, eco-friendliness and mattress longevity.

Conventional mattresses use synthetic fibres and harmful chemicals. Synthetic Latex and memory foam make your mattress non-breathable, meaning sweat and moisture has trouble evaporating from inside the mattress. Moisture inside the mattress will often deteriorate your mattress and cause many health risks.

Coconut is extremely strong and resilient with exceptional air permeability properties keeping the mattress internally dry and promotes maximum hygiene.

Wool relieves pressure points and muscle aches to promote deep, restful nights sleep.

Natural Latex keeps the spine properly supported throughout the night. Even distribution of pressure facilitates oxygen and nutrients to the body’s muscles.

Cotton helps in absorbing and removing body moisture caused by sweat, therefore minimizing fungal breeding. In addition it aids in reducing allergic reactions.

Tencel® comes from Nature, extracted from the raw material wood. Eco-friendly production. More absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen.