Pregnancy Do’s: 

  1. Do Regular Medical Exams
  2. Do Take Prenatal Vitamins
  3. Do Take Folic Acid
  4. Do Eat Protein
  5. Do Exercise (yoga is healthy)
  6. Do Proper Diet
  7. Do Get Lots of Sleep
  8. Do Kegal Exercises
  9. Do Get House Plants
  10. Do Stay Positive
  11. Do Travel Carefully
  12. Do Consult with Doctor about Family History and Existing Conditions
  13. Do Go to Dentist

Pregnancy Dont’s: 

  1. Do not Smoke (Avoid being around Smoke)
  2. Do not Drink Alcohol
  3. Do not Take Illegal Drugs
  4. Do not Take Over the Counter Drugs (Consult with your Doctor)
  5. Do not eat Hot Dogs
  6. Do not drink Caffeine
  7. Do not use a Sauna, Hot Tub or Take Long Hot Baths
  8. Do not get Flu Shot
  9. Avoid Reptiles
  10. Avoid Tick Bites
  11. Avoid Seafood
  12. Avoid Junk Food
  13. Avoid Vitamin A Supplements
  14. Avoid X-Rays
  15. Avoid VDTs
  16. Avoid Microwaves
  17. Avoid Electric Blankets
  18. Avoid Waterbeds
  19. Avoid Tap Water
  20. Avoid Stress
  21. Avoid Pesticides
  22. Avoid Chemicals
  23. Avoid Raising Body Temperature
  24. Avoid Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes
  25. Avoid Uncooked Meats
  26. Avoid Herpes