Shopping for a pillow is never simple. You need a pillow you can count on, count sheep that is. It is important to know what you find most comfortable, do you like a soft pillow or a firm pillow? What position do you sleep in? Do you find yourself radiating too much heat? Are you allergic?

The common positions people sleep in (Back, Side or Stomach) has a lot to do with the type of pillow that is best. If you sleep on your stomach or back perhaps you should consider a soft pillow. If you sleep on your side or back perhaps you should consider a firm pillow.A fluffy pillow provides more cushioning, they last much longer and they allow for fresh air to flow through the pillow. One way to test it’s fluffy factor is to fold the pillow in half, if it unfolds on its own then it has a high fluff factor. If you find yourself repositioning throughout the night perhaps a pre-shaped or foam pillows are not for you, try a down pillow. and non-toxic pillows are recommended for everyone but highly recommended for people with allergies. Read more on benefits of organic pillows and mattresses.

Size matters, be sure your pillow comfortably accommodates your body: shoulder depth, neck length, head size and weight.

There are four basic pillow sizes and how many pillows to use per bed size:

  1. Standard 20” x 26” | Twin bed one pillow | Full & Queen bed two pillows | King bed three pillows
  2. Queen 20” x 30” | Full & Queen bed two pillows
  3. King 20” x 36” | King bed two pillows
  4. Euro 26” x 26” | Backdrop for bed