In addition to our environmental awareness, for every mattress sold Sleep On Green will make a donation to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.

Harvey Ocean Foundation will support leading edge marine science research and school programs to teach kids about our oceans and conservation. The knowledge generated by GHOF-funded scientists is critical to conserving many majestic marine species, from whale sharks to bluefin tunas to tiger sharks. Without these, and many other marine wildlife, our oceans would be aquatic deserts. t

Dollars raised support teachers who educate our children about the oceans. Those dollars fund field trips, classroom posters, educational films, school presentations — all intended to forge bonds between the next generation and the marine environments they are poised to inherit. Let’s give them the knowledge and tools they need to be great stewards of our oceans.”

You can help us save our seas right now.

  • All Natural Sustainable Mattress
  • Your Mattress Purchase Helps Fund The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation
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Save The Oceans While Getting Healthy Sleep!

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