Lack of sleep can have really negative effects on children. Children who do not get enough sleep will suffer from physical, emotional and social health.

It is important to keep children on a routine sleep schedule. Having a consistent sleep pattern should have a positive long term effect on the child’s overall health and well-being however per University of Wollongong in Australia there is not enough research to prove it .

There was a study done by University of Wollongong in Australia consisting of 3,000 children; parents monitored their children’s sleep behavior. They noted if their child had difficulty waking in the morning, if they were sad, issues with socializing or if their health was conflicted and made them miss school. Usually infants and children sleep an average of 14 hours to 10 hours a night however “poor sleepers” sleep less than 10 hours.

Just as expected the “poor sleepers” had lower physical, emotional and social functions. Another study suggests children who lack sufficient sleep are at risk of obesity.