Working with Stress


We all know how stressed out we can be at work. A lot of the times we carry those frustrations home with us. Studies show that most employees who are insulted and/or undermined by colleagues. Are more likely to lash out and vent their frustrations towards people outside of work mostly those closest to them.

Being treated unfairly at work can make you feel stressed and frustrated. Much after leaving causing others around us to suffer. There’s new studies that suggest that getting more exercise and sleep may help people better manage those negative emotions by leaving them at work, where they belong. People who burned more calories on a daily base were less likely to take out their anger about work on people they live with.

Employees who averagely exercise the equivalent of a 90 minute walk or run. Have greatly reduce the harmful effects of workplace undermining. Research show that when employees felt they had a bad night’s sleep because of work issues. They were more likely to be grouchy at home. Physical activity seems to counterbalance poor sleep it promotes healthy brain functions that properly regulate emotions and behaviors.

Exercise can be at least one way to compensate for sleep troubles that lead to negative behaviors at home, we know that it can be difficult to find time to work out and balance our daily lives especially when the work loads are rising. Stressful work environments can keep you awake throughout the night, that poor sleep can affect how we interpret certain events at work or home. See the thing is when you’re tired you are less able to regulate yourself. Making the effort to burn some extra calories and blow off some steam can be worth it. It’s not only good for you, but it can benefit the people you live with as well. To sum it up don’t bring home unnecessary stress just go out for a walk, run or maybe even a swim and disconnect.” Designed by Freepik