Michael Forman
Michael Forman
18:31 16 Jun 16
I have been dealing with difficult sleep patterns for a very long time. I can say after 2 weeks of using the Sleep on Green mattress I feel significantly better upon waking. I also like the fact that I am spending all that time without the toxicity inherent in commercial mattresses. If you are really concerned about your health, I recommend you take a very close look at Sleep on Green.
Stephanie Toledo
Stephanie Toledo
19:30 07 Jul 16
Wonderful 100% natural latex pillows are not only comfortable, they are natural and do not retain heat. Finally I am enjoying uninterupted sleep.
Ronny Rosenbaum
Ronny Rosenbaum
00:58 30 Jun 16
It has been a month now since we purchased our all natural Sleep On Green mattress and it has changed our lives. The way we sleep and feel has changed immensely starting from night one! As a practicing dentist for over 14 years there is an immense amount of strain put on the back and neck. This along with having spine miscurvature, both myself and my wife Viviane, led to many nights and mornings of true discomfort. We changed our mattress of only 4 years to an all natural and phenomenally comfortable Sleep On Green mattress and truly have never slept so good. Our usual neck and backpains have subsided and we sleep hard and wake up more fresh than ever. Thank you to the Bizzotto family for changing our lives. True professionals. I highly recommend this to all dental professionals and anyone suffering from sleepless nights and painful mornings. Its a game changer. Dr. Ronald and Viviane Rosenbaum Dentist Pembroke Pines, FL
Arredo Casa Group
Arredo Casa Group
15:13 08 Jul 16
Natural mattresses 100% Free of Toxins and 100% Comfortable. Quality products ensure Quality Sleep.
18:18 02 Sep 15
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Allergies affecting your sleep?

Allergies affecting your sleep? Sniffling, sneezing, and itchy eyes aren’t the only unfortunate side effects that come with allergies. Disturbed sleep is a side effect too. And it’s a serious one! Impaired slumber can lead to fatigue, decreased productivity, depression, and memory problems. Allergies can even increase your risk of obstructive sleep apnea. Clearly, it’s

Steps to buying an Organic Mattress

Step 1: Organic mattresses are made natural materials, below are the must have materials: Tencel Natural Latex: derived from rubber trees Pure Wool: Naturally resistant to flame and dust mites. If caught on fire can self-extinguish, will not melt or emit toxic smoke Pure Cotton Coconut Fiber Step 2: Avoid a conventional mattress, below are the chemicals

Lack of Sleep Health Concerns List

With work, family, chores, working out and hobbies we find little to no time for sufficient sleep. Adequate sleep is worth the time because without it your jeopardizing your judgment, mood and your ability to learn/retain information. Long term your lack of sleep could become Chronic sleep deprivation and may have consequences of many health problems as listed

Is your mattress making you sick?

  We hear stories of individuals having issues with allergies, headaches and breathing problems but we never thought our home mattress would be the source of the issue. The more you research the health risks involved with your conventional mattress, the more you consider switching to an natural one. Overtime, there has been more cases

Sleep serves a restorative function

Your brain while sleeping undergoes a cleaning process removing waste products linked to Alzheimer’s and dementia. "Maiken Nedergaard, M.D., who co-directs the URMC’s Center for Translational Neuromedicine, the researchers discovered that a waste-draining system they call the “glymphatic system” is ten times more active during sleep than while awake. This nocturnal cleaning system removes proteins called amyloid-beta,

Mattress History

Some might wonder where the expression "Sleep tight" originated from; it is commonly referring to the first types of mattresses supported by ropes which needed to be pulled tight to provide a well-sprung bed. Mattresses were one of the most valuable items in the home back in the day. They were so valuable that firefighters carried bed keys

Baby’s Sleep Health

As parents you are responsible for your baby and what they are being exposed to; unfortunately one of the most common threats is in your baby's mattress.  Parents are exposing their loved one(s) to these chemicals without even knowing it.  Babies are fragile and sleep for nearly 14 hours or more each day; with this said the constant exposure to breathing

Improve your sleep with these tips

  It's difficult to take control of your sleeping routine but it is possible if you get into the habit of following these steps. Once you get into the habit of your healthy sleep routine you will feel more energetic. It has been said that people that suffer from insomnia, jetlag or shift work have been