Earth-Friendly Materials for Clean Sleeping

Harness Mother Nature's sustainable magic to achieve deeper and healthier sleep.

Indulge in luxury while doing your part to make the planet a greener place! The mattresses and pillows from Sleep On Green utilize sustainable plant-based materials. Ditch the potentially toxic chemical treatments and rest on cloud nine. Rest your head on pure organic bliss to sleep well and live better.

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Plush Pillows and Toppers

Cloud-like support for toss-free sleeping.

Want to experience the epitome of comfort? Sleep on Green has a breathable mattress topper and hypoallergenic pillow to help you recharge uninterrupted. Get an added layer of comfort while supporting your neck and head. The pillows are resistant to mildew, dust mites, and microbes, helping you stay healthy as you snooze. Check out our collection and invest in a pillow that transforms the way you sleep.

Handcrafted Mattresses

Sleep easy on all-natural alternatives to traditional spring mattresses.

Sleep on Green offers a collection of premium mattresses handcrafted in Italy from the finest organic materials. Merino wool, organic cotton, cashmere fiber, talalay natural latex, and more provide the comfort you’re after without the chemicals. Whether you need back support, better air circulation, or a plush sleeping surface for a baby, Sleep on Green has it all. Request a catalog today!

Sleep On Green: A Mattress Brand You Can Trust

Two decades of research and development back the Sleep on Green mattresses. Call or visit us today to request a catalog and learn more about our collection of products.


What Makes Sleep on Green Different?

Eco-Friendly Extravagance

Sleep on Green commits to improving the planet one mattress at a time. With eco-friendly manufacturing and shipping processes, you can do your part to reduce your carbon footprint.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainability is a big priority at Sleep on Green. Mattresses and pillows contain renewable materials such as cotton, wool, coconut fiber, natural latex, and more.

Zero-Waste Luxury

Every Sleep on Green is biodegradable and ships in zero-waste packaging. Rest easy knowing that no part of your purchase will sit in a landfill!

Premium Construction

Enjoy the detail and precision of handcrafted excellence. Sleep on Green mattresses are made in Italy by experts with decades of experience. Our mattresses are Customizable.

Toxin-Free Sleep

Chemical treatments and potentially toxic fire retardants are non-existent in Sleep on Green products. Sleep clean and wake up feeling better than ever!

One Tree Planted

Sleep on Green works with One Tree Planted to fight deforestation and the effects of wildfires. For every mattress sold, the organization plants trees in your name in impacted forests.

The Sleep on Green Products

Eco-Friendly products to help you get the best sleep of your life.

Sleep on Green offers items to suit all your sleeping needs. From bed frames and mattresses to pillows and toppers, it’s all here! Request a catalog today to learn more about our collection.
Pillow Top
Dolce Vita Baby mattress


A mattress made with help from Mother Nature.

Two decades of research and development back the Sleep on Green mattresses. Call or visit us today to request a catalog and learn more about our collection of products.


Merino wool is an ultra-fine fiber that supports the body, alleviates pressure points, and promotes recovery from aches and pains. It’s a natural fire retardant. 

Organic Cotton

Cotton is a fantastic material you’ll find throughout Sleep on Green mattresses. Not only does it provide a soft sleeping surface, but it also wicks away moisture and encourages air circulation. You can stay cool, reduce moisture issues, and avoid allergic reactions.

Talalay Natural Latex

Talalay latex is the sap that comes from the rubber trees. It’s extremely breathable – it breaths up to 7 times better than other type of latex. It’s consistent in density keeping the body properly supported thus relieving pressure points.

Coconut Fiber

Coconut is a resilient material that repels moisture, bugs, and other unwanted issues. It improves air permeability, keeping the mattress dry and cool. It’s used in place of metal coils. It’s breathable allowing for air circulation, keeping the mattress internally dry. It provides the right support to the body keeping the spine in proper alignment. 

The Dolce Vita mattress is a multi-layered feat of furniture engineering! The various materials live in a removable cover made of Cashmere wool and a Tencel fabric blend.

Opening the cover provides easy access to the core materials, which you can rearrange to fit your sleeping needs. Take comfort in your own hands and customize the experience by changing the position of the layers as you see fit!

The mattress’s core is all organic coconut fiber. It takes the place of traditional springs, eliminating the uncomfortable pressure points to keep your spine aligned all night long. Pair that with its permeability, and the mattress encourages air circulation for temperature and moisture control.

Beyond the core of coconut are three layers of Talalay natural latex. A mix of soft, medium, and firm densities provides proper bodily support as you sleep. Arrange the layers to get the desired level of comfort you want!

Finally, organic cotton and Merino wool pads round off the Dolce Vita mattress design. They provide another layer of plush comfort while ensuring optimal breathability and air circulation.


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